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Government Notification issued dated 12th December, 200 for Permission/Recognation to open new L. P. School




Dated Dispur, the 12th  December/2000

No. A (I) E 853/98/6 : Government after careful consideration have formulated the following uniform Guidelines to be adhered to by the Director of Elementary Education, Assam and all Deputy Inspector of Schools of the State submitting the proposal for according permission/Recognition to open new L. P. School with immediate effect.
All such proposals are to be routed through the Director of Elementary Education, Assam who in his turn is to ensure that the inspection report of the concerned Deputy of School contained the following information/particulars for consideration at the Government level.

1. Coverage

  • Every inhabited revenue village having a population of more 100 people at least should have one L.P. School.

2. Distance

  • The distance between two L. P. Schools should be less than 1 K. M. normally. Every child should have an L. P. School within a walk able distance of 1 K. M.

3. Enrolment   

  • Minimum enrolment in a L. P. School should be 50 (classes ‘Ka’ and 1 to IV)
  • No class should have enrolment less than 10.
  • A second section in a class will be admissible when an enrolment in class exceeds 50.
  • Norms of enrolment for SC/ST will area may be relaxed under.
  • Minimum enrolment in an L. P. School should be 40.
  • No. class should have enrolment less than 8.

4. Teacher

  • An L. P. School must have at least 2 teachers.
  • One of the two teachers must be a female one.
  • School having trained teachers should get preference over schools having non-trained teachers.

5. Land

  • The L. P. school must possess a contiguous plot of land measuring 1 (one) Bighas (2880 x 5 Sq. ft.) in the rural area and ½ Bighas in the urban area.
  • For Miadi patta land, the Jamabandi copy showing mubation of non-incumbance certificate must be submitted.
  • For donated land, added to this effect accompanied by the non-incumbance certificate on a Jamabandi copy in the name of the donar must be submitted.
  • For Govt. land the allotment order issued by competent authorities must be submitted.
  • For a municipality, town committee, trust a resolution to effect the land is given to the school, for education purpose must be submitted.
  • For Tea-Garden land, a registered deed executed by the Tea-garden authorities must be submitted.
  • For forestland, permission from the forest authority must be submitted.

6. Building

  • The school building must be at least of semi permanent type with wooden posts sungross roofing and split bamboo walling with mud plaster. The minimum plinth area of the school must be 100 Sq. metres.

7. Furniture

  • For every 5 pupils, one pair of a desk and bench each two metres long.
  • For every section, one pair of a table and a chair and a black board.

8. Fund

  • The school must have a reserve fund of Rs. 5000/- invested in NSC and a working fund of Rs. 3000/- saving fund.

9. Managing Committee

  • The school must have a managing committee for its smooth management consisting of members of the community, as formed in the provincialised L. P. Schools.


Sd/- D. C. Barman
Commissioner & Secretary to the Govt. of Assam
Education Department

Memo No. A (I) 853/98/6-A           Dated Dispur, the 12th December/2000

Copy to :

  1. The P. S.  to the Hon’ble Minister, Education for information of Hon’ble Minister, Education.
  2. The Director, Elementary Education, Assam, Guwahati-19 for information.
  3. The Director, SCERT, Assam, Guwahati-19 for information.
  4. The District Elementary Education Officer…………………………………………..
  5. The Additional Director of Elementary Education, Assam, Guwahati-19.
  6. The Deputy Inspector of Schools …………………………………………………

By order etc.

Joint Secretary to the Govt. of Assam
Education Department.

Information provided by the Directorate of Elementary Education, Assam, Kahilipara, Guwahati-19
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