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Mid-Day Meal Scheme

Status Report on Implementation of Cooked Mid-day Meal Scheme

Salient features of the programme:
National Programme of Nutritional Support to Primary Education (Known as the Mid-day Meal Scheme) was launched as a CSS on 15th August 1995. Cooked Mid-day Meal Programme has started in Assam with effect from January/2005.

Objectives: The Programme is expected to boost Universilazation of Primary Education

  1. Increasing enrolment and regularity of attendance.
  2. Reducing dropouts and sustaining retention.
  3. Improving children level of learning and self-esteem impacting on nutrition of students.

Coverage: The Programme originally covered children of Govt. and Provincialised Primary Schools in Assam and has been extended to cover Govt. aided schools, EGS and AIE centers.

Fund flow:

A) Central assistance has been provided to the state for implementation of the programme by
  1. Free supply of food-grains from F.C.I @ 100 gm of rice per student per day through GPSS & FPS.
  2. Subsidy for transport from nearest F.C.I Department to Primary Schools subject to maximum of Rs. 100.00 per quintal.
  3. Cost of cooking including Dal, M-Oil, Vegetable, Salt etc. is borne by Govt. of India @ Re. 2.00 per student per day including wages to the cooks & helpers.

B) The State Govt. is to Provide 10 % of total fund as State share for implementation of the scheme.

  • SSA provided utensils for cooking and servicing in Govt. / Provincialised schools. Govt. aided schools, EGS & AIE Centres are yet to be provided.
  • 10th & 11th Finance Commission award and SSA provided drinking water facilities, which supported the need for water supply for implementation of Cooked Mid-day Meal Programme.

Allocation of food-grains (2005-06):

State Allocation:                                         9.21 Lakh Qtls.
Lifting position during 2005-06:                    7.66 Lakh Qtls.
Percentage of lifting:                                   83.17 %
Allocation of food-grains during 2006-07:      9.21 Lakh Qtls.
Lifting position up to October, 2006:            211520.246 Qtls.
Percentage of lifting:                                   22.97  %

Cooking cost (2004-05):

          Released by State Govt.:                               Rs. 16.15 Crore

Cooking cost (2005-06):

Released by State Govt.:                               Rs. 33.17 Crore

Cooking cost (2006-07):

Proposed in AWP&B, 2006-07                        Rs. 157.24 Crore
(i) Central Govt. approved in AWP&B, 2006-07 Rs. 117.39 Crore
(ii) State Govt. released (Central share)           Rs.  54.62 Crore
(iii) State share yet to release:                      Rs. 15.72 Crore       


          Released by State Govt.:                               Rs. 98.32 Lakh

Reimbursement of Transportation Cost:

Proposal forwarded to Govt. of India for 9 districts: Rs. 2.95 Crore
(for lifting of 2.95 Lakh Qtls. of rice)
Pending 17 districts.


No. of Institution                                                    53870
Coverage of children                                               39.07 Lakh
Proposal of submitted to the Govt. as State share      (i) Rs. 5.08 Crore (State budget)
                                                                            (ii) Rs. 8.00 Crore (from TFC)
                                                                            (iii) Rs. 2.64 Crore (SD proposal)
Proposal submitted to the Govt. for budget provision through SD
(2nd installment of Central share)                            Rs. 62.77 Crore

(DEE, Assam)

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